A Brief Introduction of “The Bouteille au Net Project”

“The Bouteille au Net Project”, initiated by the Institute of Euro-Asian Culture (IEAC), presents a modern twist on the timeless concept of a message in a bottle. In this digital age, we are embracing the power of technology to foster intercultural exchange and understanding.

“The Bouteille au Net Project” is more than a collection of messages; it is a celebration of cultural heritage on the Silk Road. Through this innovative endeavor, IEAC endeavors to create a platform where cultural exchange transcends borders, fostering a sense of unity and shared understanding among diverse communities. In the end, IEAC will send achievements of the project to the UNESCO for better use of messages.

Join us in this extraordinary journey of digital cultural exchange as we extend an invitation to museums and organizations on the Silk Road to contribute their cultural messages. Let us come together to promote cultural appreciation, education, and connection in a rapidly evolving world.

Slogan: Discover the cultures on the Silk Road through a digital lens – be a part of “The Bouteille au Net Project”.