Study abroad program

We are doing the MEASU Program, a program about Mobility of European and Asia students in University.

We are ready to assist you to explore the world, no matter where you want to go.

You have a chance to experience the attracting and mystery Asia and amazing Europe.

Study in Asia

Asia, where everything you want comes true. There is fantastic scenery, vigorous metropolitan, diversified cultures, and most important, the affordable life fee and promising career plan.

Asia possesses a vast area and the largest populations, in which famous monuments and sight-seeing are fostered well. At the same time, it is the home to many developed countries and brilliant and gorgeous cultures. Asian countries show their appeal to people around the world and also set their fame in the field of economics worldwide.

Study in Asia is such a program that you will get involved in a real Asian campus which is full of studying enthusiasm everywhere. Also, you can fully emerge in local life and live a totally different lifestyle from Europe.

Study in Europe

Where do you want to study? In Paris or Denmark, in Turkey or Spain? Don’t worry, as long as you join the Study in Europe program, you are given the chance to chat and study whether in English or France or Spanish, it would not be a problem. There, you are able to explore a real embracing world for many kinds of cultures.

Academically, studying in Europe must be an effective way for you to get in association with the world thanks to the various prestigious universities and classes in Europe. You are going to make progress in academic and polish your resume.

If you want to live an international life, you can go to Paris or London. If you want to relax, then you can travel to Barcelona or Amsterdam. However, if you take part in the study in the European programme, you will have the opportunities to realize your longing for arts, culture, music or architecture and anything that you can imagine.