What we do

International exchange is an important task of IEAC, including but not limited to many aspects such as culture, education and economy.

Promote various countries, regions, organizations and individuals by organizing projects, academic studies, seminars, etc. on various topics.

Study in France

Experience a unique university education system in France, an innovative pedagogy that combines theory and practice.

Study in China

Study abroad in the most beautiful city in China and get a degree certificate, and speak fluent Chinese while studying abroad.

Guide to studying abroad

It is important to know these before studying abroad.

Eurasian Cultural Exchange Seminar

IEAC cooperates with famous universities in Europe and Asia all year round to organize unforgettable academic seminars.

Online language courses(Chinese/French)

Learn languages anytime, anywhere with the best Chinese/French teachers in the world. IEAC’s team of language teachers is here to guide you towards your highest learning goals.

France Study Tour

French cities, famous school tours and cultural explorations, and homestay activities will make you feel like an authentic French.

China Study Tour

Experience the real Chinese campus, feel the high-quality learning atmosphere, and appreciate the charm of the East.