About us

The Institute of Euro-Asian Culture (IEAC) is an international non-profit organization. We seek to develop a peaceful and amicable cultural exchange platform for European and Asian countries by encouraging people from various cultural backgrounds to embrace and understand one another.

It’s an important task for IEAC to achieve international exchange, which includes but is not limited to many aspects such as culture, education and economy. We can promote continuous communication and cooperation between countries, regions, organizations and individuals by organizing projects, academic studies, seminars, etc. on various topics.

IEAC attaches great importance to the professional development of its members. It will provide members with international activities, conferences, information and assistance, allowing more people to participate in and contribute to the promotion of Eurasian exchanges and cooperation.


To be the outstanding center of world culture exchange.


We dream of a time when culture is at the heart of an inclusive, diverse, open and egalitarian society.

In the process of modernization and globalization, people of different cultural backgrounds have formed a common pursuit, which is to promote the progress of human civilization and the peaceful development of the world. IEAC provides Eurasian people with opportunities for cultural exchange and cooperation, supports the integration of multiculturalism, and plays a greater role in the progress of human civilization.


Our core values are cultural equality, diversity, life-long learning, respect and embrace.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The IEAC is dedicated to encouraging cultural exchanges and understanding between Europe and Asia.

Political, military, or ideological confrontations are not part of our work.

We are absolutely opposed to terrorism, gender/color/regional conflict, and discrimination.

We strictly abide by the law, advocate for peace, and love multiculturalism.

We welcome organizations or individuals with the same world view, values, and code of conduct to work with us to promote international cultural exchanges.