Asia-Europe Study Tour Program

IEAC hopes to promote the exchange and understanding of European and Asian students through the Sino-French Study Tour Program, and encourage students from the two continents to communicate.

Study tour in France

IEAC’s French study tour allows Asian students to quickly improve their French while experiencing French life. It is suitable for students of any level of French, but if French reaches the common European language standard B1 or above, and can communicate in simple French, it will make the study tour in France more effective. French study tours include half-day or even one-day French courses every Monday to Friday, city tours and cultural explorations, activities with host families, etc., so that you can be an authentic French.

Study Tour in china

IEAC’s China Study Tour program helps European students learn about China, of course, to famous Chinese universities, but also to lesser-known villages that have only been introduced to modern facilities in the past 20 years, to centuries of The world-famous natural landscape that symbolizes China, and China’s global metropolis boasts towering skyscrapers, high-speed bullet trains, dazzling city lights, and some of the highest GDPs in the world.