Language Courses

The meaning of language matters. It is a tool for thinking of a nation and even human beings, and it is also the carrier of culture. Language variety is a real reflection of cultural diversity in today’s world. When we look at problems, the more languages we know, the broader and more rational we will be.

IEAC hopes that through the study of multiple languages, people can learn more about cultural knowledge and broaden their international horizons. Economic globalization will necessitate a huge number of multinational talents in the future. Only individuals with an international perspective and a grasp of other cultures and languages will be able to meet the demands of social growth. Finally, we want to emphasize that learning a new language is difficult for most people, regardless of how they begin. It is critical to have a strong sense of determination.

Chinese Learning Courses

Immersive Chinese instruction opens learners a world of possibilities.

People are becoming increasingly interested in Chinese culture and language. This is a beginner-oriented Chinese course. Learners will have a basic understanding of Chinese after completing this course and will be able to conduct basic daily life conversations, such as exchanging personal information, discussing daily arrangements and food, asking about prices, introducing cities and the weather, talking about hobbies and so on. Selected themes and topics are based on real-life scenarios and can be used in daily communication. In addition to the dialogue, the reading materials chosen will make the content as rich and varied as possible in order to pique the learners’ attention.

Learn the Most Authentic Chinese

Courses that meet international standards

Professional Chinese-speaking teachers

Course content ranges from basic to advanced, with concise and easy-to-understand grammar instruction

Establishment Chinese thinking logic and cultivate comprehensive ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing

French learning course

You can learn French with French teachers anywhere you live. IEAC provides an online French language learning course, making it possible for you to learn French flexibly.

As one of the UN official working languages and the first-order written language in the UN, French is widely used in international communication and diplomacy negotiation. In terms of career development, French plays a vital role in the fields of law, commercial behaviors and international relationships. Thus, if you can speak and write French, it will be a great asset. There are many people who regard being able to speak foreign languages as a symbol of smart and confidence, especially French. No one can refuse to enjoy the elegant pronunciation of French, it is so enjoyable and gentle.

High-effective online French language learning course

World-famous French Books

Experienced French Teachers

Flexible Time

Master Regular French Words