Study tour in China

Excellent opportunity for European students to learn about Asia

IEAC’s main mission is to build bridges between Europe, Asia and the rest of the world, and our China study tour is one of many ways to achieve this. Every year, IEAC collaborates with schools from Europe and other countries and regions around the world to organize unforgettable short and long-term study trips in China for students of all ages.

Popular cities

Beijing Study Tour

Shanghai Study Tour

Hangzhou Study Tour

Xi’an Study Tour

mainly include the following

Chinese course

Each class is 40 minutes long. In addition to knowledge points, there will be teachers interacting with you.

Interest courses (optional)

Chinese cuisine, traditional Chinese culture, Chinese communication, business Chinese, etc.

School activities

Orientation party, city tour, graduation party.

Weekend activities (optional)

Day trips to surrounding cities, museum tours, etc.