Guide to Studying Abroad

Recently, the IEAC-Guide to Studying Abroad was officially released. IEAC has invited professors and overseas experts from prominent French and Chinese universities and conducted a lot of research. The Guide collects and collates the latest development trends and topics of concern for overseas students studying in France or China, such as the daily life and its safety index, the approach and implementation of applying to well-known Chinese universities, campus life, internship and work planning of overseas students, etc.

The students could get enlightenment about every aspect of studying in France or China from the Guide to Studying Abroad. Such as, with the rising expectations of overseas students, how to reasonably plan their academic growth path, how to arrange their life in a short time, especially how to prevent risks (including physical health, environmental safety and mental health), etc.

School profile, ranking, scale

Which school do you choose to study abroad? These should be your main concerns.

Majors and courses

What courses are available for international students? You’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Employment prospects

Analyze the employment prospects of the college’s advantageous disciplines and characteristic majors, and assist students make better judgments for future employment.

Preparations before studying in Europe and Asia

What needs to be prepared ahead of time in order to adapt to the local environment?

Entry Notice

Notes on visa and entry.

School life facilities and services

Know these in advance, you will adapt quickly when you arrive at school.

Campus diet

Three meals are significant for a day, and we’ll show you around the school’s most unique cuisine.

Security service

Physical health, environmental safety, and mental health are indispensable.

Introduction to the city where the school is located

Where can we go to play in spare time? Of course travel within the city and outside of it.

Studying in Europe: case studies of Chinese students

Real experience of international students to help Asian students better integrate into Europe.

Studying in China: case studies of European students

Real experience of international students to help European students better integrate into Asia.

Euro-Asia cultural differences case study

Through the cases, the most representative European and Asian cultural differences are introduced, so that students can understand in advance and adapt quickly.