Types of Our Program

We value our members' professional development and provide them with international events, conferences, information, and assistance so that they can engage more fully.


International Cultural Exchange Seminar. Education is a powerful factor in the advancement of human civilization...


With the continuous integration of the world's diverse cultures, studying abroad has become an important way for...


The meaning of language matters. It is a tool for thinking of a nation and even human beings, and it is also the carrier...


Here, you will find out what you need...

Where do you want to study? In Paris or Denmark, in Turkey or Spain? Don’t worry, as long as you join the Study in Europe program, you are given the chance to chat and study whether in English or France or Spanish, it would not be a problem. There, you are able to explore a real embracing world for many kinds of cultures.

Asia, where everything you want comes true. There is fantastic scenery, vigorous metropolitan, diversified cultures, and most important, the affordable life fee and promising career plan.

Chinese or French? Have you been ready to learn a new language?


Do you know in a relatively short period of time how to reasonably plan the path of academic growth, arrange your overseas life, especially how to prevent risks (including physical health, environmental security, mental health), etc.? You can seek all answers in the "Guide for Studying Abroad".


Institute of Afro-European Cultures in Paris (ICAEP)

ICAEP was created in 2010. This NGO works to promote cultural diversity on the basis of the presence of Africans in Europe. In February 2012, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, decided to grant it the status of official partner of UNESCO. This UN agency has two priorities : Africa and gender equality.

Global Cultural Adventurers (GCA)

GCA is an international education group, which aims to build a global platform of cultural exchange and international internship for youth.


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